History of Chittagong Hill Tracts

  • Creation of CHTs: 1860 (By the Raid of frontier tribes act, 1860)
  • Previous name: Karpas mahal (1715-1860)
  • First superintendent of this district: Captain Macgrath (1860)
  • First Deputy Commissioner of this district: T.H. Lewin (The designation superintendent changed into Deputy Commissioner in 1867)
  • Special administrative system called CHTs regulation: 1900 (1 of 1900)
  • CHTs declared excluded area: 1920
  • Mong circle created: 1782
  • Excluded area turned into tribal area: 1962
  • Repeal of tribal area: 1964
  • First two tribal member elected in East Pakistan legislative assembly: 1954
    1. Kamini Mohan Dewan
    2. Birendra Kishore Roaza
  • Creation of Kaptai lake: 1960 [Area of about 356 sq. miles (Dist.Gazt.) and dam has been erected at Kaptai Upazila.
  • Bandarban District created : 1981
  • Khagrachari District created : 1983
  • Rangamati District created : 1983
  • Creation of CHT Development Board: 1976 (With a view to ensure the development activities in 3 hill districts)
  • Creation of Bandarban Local Govt. Council: 6th March, 1989 (Later renamed as Hill District Council)
  • Historical peace accord signed between CHT National Committee & PCJSS: 2nd December 1997.
  • Creation of CHTs Regional Council: 24th May 1998.
  • Creation of Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs: 15th July 1998.
  • The first District HQ. of CHT was “Chandraghona”.
  • In 1881, the British Indian Government had divided the CHT into three circles according to the jurisdiction of the Rajas, named : Chakma circle, Mong circle and Bohmong circle

There are three Raja (kings) in CHT

  1. The Bohmang Raja
  2. The Chakma Raja
  3. The Mong Raja



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