Circle Chief

The old history of CHT was full of traditional culture and customs along the grand status of self king and kingdom.

 There are three Raja (kings) in  CHT

  • The Bohmang Raja
  • The Chakma Raja
  • The Mong Raja

The Bohmang Raja(Circle Chief)

In 1599 A.D. the Maharaja Maung Rajagree, the King of Arakan led to the capitulation of “Hainthawadee” or Kingdom of Pegu. “Nainda Bayin”, The king of Pegu was defeated and perished in the war. The beautiful young daughter of Nainda Bayin, Thien Daw Hnang & minor Prince Maung Saw Prue were taken to “Mrawk U”, the capital of Arakan, as captive along with other booties. Some 3000 families from Pegu followed the scion of their ruler and settled in Arakan.

Later, the successor of Maung Rajagree and the then Arakanese King Mong Khyai Maung married the princes & appointed his brother-in-law “Maung Saw Pru” as the governor of annexed Chittagong in 1614. The 3000 families that accompanied the captive prince were allowed to settle in the region around Chittagong. The present Marma people are the descendents of these groups.

The “Bohmong” title:

In 1620 for resisting the Portuguese invasion with extreme courage and valor, the Arakanese King Mong Kha Maung conferred the title “Bohmong”  to Maung Saw Pru, which means the Great General. After the death of Bohmong Maung Saw Pru, two successors retained the Bohmong title.

During the time of “Bohmong Hari Ngyo” for his extreme bravery to recapture the chittagong from Mughols in 1720, the Arakanese King Chainda Wizia conferred on him the grand title of “Bohmong Gree”, meaning “The great Commander-in-Chief”.

In the face of growing Mughol’s presence and weakened of Arakanese dominance, the Bohmong yielded to the demand of Mughols as payment of yearly tributes as he felt insecure on the heel of Arakanese pull out.

Then the Bohmongs continued to enjoy their political supremacy through the Mughal to the British colonial reign till 1860, when the CHT was formally annexed to the British Indian Empire and declared into a full-fledged district.

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