About the naming

It is quite interesting! that the name “Bandarban” itself neither carry any complete meaning in Bangla nor in  Marma language.  But there is a story ……

Once upon a time  the present town area was surrounded by deep forest and wild animals, and there were also a countless number of monkeys. Only a small bazar and local marma inhabitants were on the bank of Shangu river. A  large group of monkeys were always use to cross the river for entering the deep forest in the morning and again cross it for their way back in the evening, that crossing point of the river was in the eye sight of nearest marma localities. They noticed that a large and consistent  line of monkeys, crossing the river was looked like a dam across the Shangu. So they named it as “MEYOK SIEN”, which means the “Monkey’s Dam” in Marma. The name was literary translated in Bangla as “BANDORER BANDH”. In course of time, it has been transformed  as a new name called,  BANDARBAN. Originally the Marma people named the place as “ROWA DOW”, Which means “The Royal Village”. Till they use the name in their own society.

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